Monday, October 27, 2008

And more anxiety...

Work went well today. It really did. While I didn't see any clients, I began to settle back in and work on a plan to transition my clients back to my care. It was only four hours and I left feeling exhausted, but satisfied that I will be able to transition back.
Last night, I had a conversation with LC. I clarified the boundaries of our relationship. We are friends. We live too far apart to pursue anything more and there are issues that need to be worked on. There were two things that I told him, two revelations, that are significant.
Right now, I am working very hard to focus on thinking and not feeling. Feeling leads to bad things. I know that this is unhealthy, but it is the truth right now. I am not numb. I can feel the walls going up, though. I went through a period in my past where I was "hard," for lack of a better word. I was angry, fearless, and pretty much didn't care. I don't want to end up there. But I am not able to handle feelings very well right now.
The other concept is something that is not new to me, but something that I have not voiced in a long time. Every man in my life that I have been close to has left. My dad died, my oldest brother died (within months of each other). My uncle died. My ex did not leave me in the same way, but he was someone that I loved and trusted at one time all know the story. One of my brothers is an alcoholic with mental health issues...he never really liked me. But my other brother, the one closest to my age, decided that he hated me many years ago over a stupid feud. I adored and idolized him and he left me, too. Haven't spoken to him in about 15 years.
I just finished having a panic attack and I don't know what set it off. That bothers me. I try to analyze it and figure it all out. But sometimes I can't. And that sucks.


Life on Pause said...

Is there anything, Laura, that I can do for you? Besides let you know that I'm here for you if you ever need me?

I promise, okay, strongly hope, that I will be here for you for whatever you need. Just let me know okay?

You're in my thoughts and prayers hunny.


Laura said...

Thanks, Bri - there's just a lot going on to deal with right now. I appreciate your support...really I do.

I know things will get better...for both of us!

:o) Laura

connie said...

Hey sis,
I miss dad too. I just think about all the fun we had with him, and you have many more to think about than me. Bob Jo was great too. Just think about the others as "its their loss". They don't know you or your life and they are missing out on a great sisster. Love ya, talk soon, Con